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Monarch Dental on 2027 Culebra San Antonio TX 78201. The worse service ever. They tried to sell my husband and I on all these other services we needed. $1000. Later. If we did not go to our Dentist often I might have believed them. But to talk bad about our previous Dentist that was not acceptable. I left frustrated and not happy with this office. I will visit a new Dentist for a second opinion. But never talk about another... Read more

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My son was denied treatment for his cavities, because I refuse to pay for a gingivitis treatment procedure. My has pain and had to ask for a pain medication . So I'll have to fine another doctor and start over . This does not make since . I'm trying to find a pop plan. Add comment

They pulled my husband all his teeth they gave him some dentures that's not any good we stop going to them because they told my husband they cant do any thing eles for him so we stop paying who can we talk to my husband is a diabetic Add comment

BEWARE!!!! My child needed a filling. Deep filling but still just a filling! The Benton Location wanted 3007.00. They said they may have to do a root canal and possibly a crown on the same tooth. I immeditely called another Dentist and got an appt my child got the filling she needed and my bill was 115.00.. I wish someone would put these jokers out of business!!! Trying to rip people off!!! Add comment

Monarch dental in mckinney damages healthy and normal teeths,they leave you with excessive bills that are way too much for their Operation ,they actually break your smile Add comment

BUYER BEWARE! Monarch dental in Lewisville, TX is the worst business I have ever encountered. My provider was United Healthcare and my only option for dental work was Monarch. Goes without saying that United Healthcare is almost as bad as Monarch Dental. I visited Monarch in October of 2014 to have my upper dentures repaired. They would not repair and wanted to replace. It is now March 2016 and I still do not have proper dentures. They have... Read more

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I had the worst experience at the Monarch Dental in Red Oak today. Appt. was at 3:30 and finally seen at 5:15. Could not help me because it was too late. Wanted to set up an assessment appt to see what the problem was. I said I did that today. Still charged me. Left very unhappy. Staff was rude. Add comment

I was told that all my teeth was bad, and I should do a dental implant, after I did it I was not happy so I never went back, could not give them anymore of my money and now I'm having a problem with them it's been lest than 3 years and I need to have the implant did again. Add comment

I'm very disappointed, the doctor suggest me to do a crown with 3 in total but is so cheap material, and after few years start falling in pieces and now I need to pay again for all 3 crowns and I have other crown from Mexico from 10 years ago and never was damage like the ones from monarch dental. The doctor told me that crowns will be good for lot a years, but not for few, plus managers, they don't care abut it, I went to talk to them, and they... Read more

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This company is a joke they will over charge you nickel and dime you to death told me and both my kids I had to pay a Xtra 60 dollars to have teeth removed by a specialist that the de rust don't pull teeth since when ? Not sure but after viewing a bill for every thing they wanted to do for my teeth came out too over 11k all I wanted was a cleaning some teeth remove and some filling this place is unreal Read more

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