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I just returned from Monarch Dental after they suggested that I needed a $655 deep cleaning.

I brush and floss daily. I visit the dental regularly.

I, however, do not have a dentist in the area.

This is not the first time I have visited a dentist, but the is the first and last time I visit Monarch Dental.

I've never had a dentist suggest that I have periodontal disease.

I intend to get a second opinion. The National Institute of Health and other qualified organization suggest that if you're not sure about a diagnosis to get a second opinion.

I will get that second opinion.

I won't use a coupon to choose a dentist.

I get a recommendation from someone I trust and get a second opinion, especially given the amount of money they want from me.

Review about: Monarch Dental Dental Cleaning.

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Wow, I can't believe this! Some of these comments describe exactly my experience.

After waiting for an hour and a half, I was finally seen by the dentist. Same thing. Poking my gums, calling out numbers. I had two '4mm' spots on my upper gums.

Because of this I can not get a cleaning until I get the expensive deep cleaning with antibiotic treatment. Now I really think this place is a scam.


I went in for a cleaning and had my coupon for $69. After my x-rays, and them checking me by two dentists they said I needed the deep cleaning because I had it in 2 teeth.

I said how much is that and the assistant said about $365 for everything. I said so you aren't going to clean my teeth then because all I have is $69. He said perhaps our coupon is a bit measleading and he told the woman we will go ahead with it but only charge her the $69.

He did such an excellent job and was so gentle. I have to say they were all pretty awesome.


I went in for a cleaning and had my coupon for $69. After my x-rays, and them checking me by two dentists they said I needed the deep cleaning because I had it in 2 teeth.

I said how much is that and the assistant said about $365 for everything. I said so you aren't going to clean my teeth then because all I have is $69. He said perhaps our coupon is a bit measleading and he told the woman we will go ahead with it but only charge her the $69.

He did such an excellent job and was so gentle. I have to say they were all pretty awesome.


I had the deep cleaning scam pulled on me at the Waxahachie Monarch today. Supposedly the gums surrounding 2 teeth caused the concern.

My last appointment 6 months ago was uneventful and included a routine cleaning. This time, I either had to sign up for deep cleaning or not have a routine cleaning performed at all even after I offered to sign a waiver.

So glad I left. Is this a class action suit waiting to happen???


Monarch Dental is a complete scam. I had a similar experience today and am furious.

I went in for a cleaning with them because my insurance changed. They took a bunch of expensive x-rays and told me they wouldn't clean my teeth without a $1200 deep cleaning. They also wanted me to get an implant, and tole me my 6 year old needed two baby teeth pulled and spacers put it.

I walked out very angry and will go back to my old dentist and pay the difference. I will let everyone know about Monarch and called my insurnce to report them.


I am so angry I want to sue for time missed from work. I scheduled a simple, routine cleaning, and took the rest of the day off work.

After 2.5 hours of x-rays (right out of 1985) and ridiculous "gum assessments" (poking me with a needle 6x per tooth, you do the math, and shouting numbers to be recorded across the room, I was told I needed a "treatment plan" and didn't qualify for a Routine Cleaning until I underwent the "deep bacterial cleaning" (not covered by insurance), and then and only then, could I reschedule another visit for the routine cleaning. This was because they called out a couple 4s in my back teeth. What a load. What a scam of a test.

The doctor introduced himself as "Hi, I'm doctor so-and-so, and I'm here to review your information to properly diagnose you." DIAGNOSE ME?? I was incensed. I take immaculate care of my teeth, and get them cleaned every 6 months. I merely scheduled a routine cleaning.

The "doctor" even said he saw no signs of cavities. I left angry and insulted and signed a release for my x rays so I could at least give them to another more competent dentist who would clean my teeth. Waste of a checkup and waste of time off work. Ruined my 6 month insurance coverage cleaning.

I am insulted, and mad. I have since read online reviews and found countless similar experiences posted on the internet for Monarch Dental. Unreal, and they should be ashamed.

I will file complaints everywhere I can find to, and especially on my company and insurance site where I found them. :( :(


I went to this office because it was close to where I lived instead of going to my old dentist. I figured a checkup and cleaning wasn't much different between dental offices. Instead I left with a $1200 estimate. This place is very quick to diagnose in my opinion and ignores the bodies natural ability to heal itself. They also do not use the most modern tools.

Timeliness: I waiting around 30mins in the waiting room for my appointment. Both 8:00am and 8:30am (me) were just sitting there. No other patient walked out.

Cleanliness: I was taken to an x-ray room that was quite disgusting. There was a black / storage room in the back with the door open with all sorts of white muck on the floor. The exam room seats seemed like they needed a good scrub and there was all sorts of nasty discoloration on the overhead lamp arm (looked like blood spurts, kinda gross).

Experience: After x-rays i eventually was brought to another room to watch a video on how to floss and brush my teeth, waste of time. Eventually the general dentistry doctor (Dr. Austin Hoang, DDS) came in to poke at my teeth for about a minute and was told I had great teeth then left. After that I was met by a periodontist (Dr. Melissa B Tricamo, DDS) that came in and just started calling off numbers to her assistant (no idea what she was doing at the time). Later I found out what she was doing was measuring the pocket depth between my gum and tooth, pretty painful to be honest and it was most likely her technique. I then was told I would need a deep cleaning as I had many "5" and "6" millimeter pockets and was then shown a video about periodontal disease while they made up a "plan" for my procedure.

Conclusion: After all that (probably about 5minutes of real work on their part) I was brought to the front counter and shown an estimate for a deep cleaning (scaling, root planing, etc.) This included about $400 that was payable by my insurance and $1200 that was not ($1600 total). Things that were not included had a very shady reference code on the estimate (4999) and seemed very much like they would be covered. It also included anesthesia and an antibiotic that would be put in the gum which are not covered by my insurance (most likely they would be covered by a health plan instead). It also included a fluoride treatment which you are only supposed to get when you are young which is covered until you are 12yrs old, despite Hoang saying that my teeth were perfect. On top of all this they refused to do a regular cleaning and stated it would only "bandage" a bigger problem.

What I did: I went to my old dental office and told them what was going on. They scheduled me for a $40 visit to have the pocket depths measured again (which they mentioned they would submit to insurance to see if they would ***). The hygienist was able to use more advanced x-rays to aid with their conclusion. One thing to note is that some professional opinion is involved in determining how healthy your gums are, not just a straight depth measurement. The periodontist (sometimes hygienist) should also take into consideration the reaction that your gum has during the measurement. The hygienist at the old dentist was calling out 4's, 3's and 2's (a measurement less than 3 is cleanable during a scheduled cleaning and is normal) and even found 9's around where my old wisdom teeth were that Monarch didn't even catch. She used a supersonic pick to clean my teeth very thoroughly (which is healthier for your gums than a normal pick and helps the hygienist see because it shoots water out to clear blood if your have bleeding gums). It was somewhat painful but she would stop and ask if I was doing okay every so often which was comforting. She mentioned that my gums should be able to reattach themselves if I do my part at keeping them clean (flossing), gave me some medicated mouth wash, and wants to see me for another cleaning in a month ($79) to see how they are doing. They also scheduled me for a periodontist visit for the 9's and mentioned that was just a defect of how the gums grew back in after the wisdom teeth removal, nothing to do with my hygiene.

Good luck, and find another dentist!


Today I experienced monarch dental scamming. I went in to have a permanent crown today.

The permanent crown was too big, so the dentist filed my upper, good tooth, the tooth above the bottom tooth where the crown was supposed to go. He didn't even advise that he was going to file my good tooth. I got up and asked what are you doing? I was heated.

I asked for my money back due to the fact that he filed a perfectly good tooth. They refused stating that they told me what they were doing! They literally are liars. Not only did the dentist lie, but so did the asst.

Now, I have no crown and my good tooth is filed down. I will be taking them to court.


wow I really impress that something I dont understanad my husband have to paid about one week ago $700 for a root canal and a crown and he use his insurance and yesterday I went for a cleaning and they said that I need a deep cleaning and I have to paid $500 with insurance. Monarch Dental is scam people please aware I already report to ADA about that.


:roll Its not just monarch folks. Its most all practices now.

Happened to me and my wife at an independent. The other scam is not actually even performing the procedure but billing as such. And the next in line of scam is composite fillings. They are not covered, more expensive and do NOT last nearly a long but, in the words of the typical dentist,"you need to have them".

What a joke. That is my decision.


My wife and I were recently told the same thing at the Frisco location.

We both needed expensive deep cleaning and were refused a regular cleaning which our insurance totally covers.

We plan to get a second opinion.

My radar is really up after reading these posts.


Mansfield Monarch did same thing.. went in for first visit and cleaning.

gave me list of what was needed, replace an onlay with crown and replace an old filling.. said ok.. went in to do the crown only, they started the filling.. then the crown..

did BOTH.. but then switched to the more expensive material for the crown without telling me about it!! Feel like they bent me over and took everything out of my wallet!! HATE their billing too.

Had HMO. i'm used to dentist billing insurance and then you paying the difference. NOPE.. they have already negotiated rates for you..

sounds fishy to me!!

got work done and WILL NEVER return!! CROOKS!!


Hey Everyone,

I work in dental offices everyday. I am in no way defending Monarch.

I have never worked for one so I cannot attest to their ethics .. or lack thereof. I do know that it is a somewhat common practice in dental office to do as you all described. First- the calling out of numbers is called perio charting.

It is a system of measuring your gum health. That is how gum disease is detected. Higher numbers are worse and can mean you need "deep cleaning" also called scaling and root planning. Second- many offices work off of a policy that they wont do a regular cleaning on someone that needs a deep cleaning.

Regular cleanings on someone that needs deep cleanings is like putting a bandaid on a broken leg... it wont fix the problem at all. If they just clean your teeth it will hurt and bleed and wont accomplish anything, but wasting your money if you needed deep cleanings in the first place. I would never go to a dentist that didnt "call out the numbers".

It is pretty *** important to help keep you healthy. That being said I'm sure they are still probably crooked and slimy.


Just so you know 80% of Americans have periodontal (gum) disease. You might be interested in looking into the American Dental Association to gain insight into cleanings and decay.

But also be aware that insurance will not pay on a claim unless there is support for correct diagnosis, i.e.

xrays. Just trying to help..


6/28/10 - Plano on Central Expressway. I experiened the same thing today.

They called out numbers and said that I had 4 spots that rated a 4 and that I needed a deepcleaning $406. I refused and they refused to do a regular cleaning.

Last year I went to another dentist prior to moving to Texas.

I hadn't been in three years and that dentist asked why I was there as my teeth and gums are great. I dont' floss the way I should, but it is the first time I have ever been told that.

Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom #150099






I visited Monarch in Plano in March. They took x-rays and left me waiting for about 20 minutes.

Later two women showed up to pick at my mouth and call out numbers. More waiting followed. Then the "insurance counselor" showed up to try to push me into having the "deep cleaning" the same day, even though the KNEW I was under time constraints. They insisted I needed a crown, and tried to convince me to go with the premium crown which was MUCH more expensive.

As MarcieH described above, they would not do a regular cleaning on me either. Twice now, the "insurance counselor" has left messages on my machine about my "treatment".

The one today mentioned several "specials" that were now available.

IMO they are worse than used car salesmen. They care more about pushing people into thousands of dollars in procedures than they do about providing routine dental care.


I as well went to Monarch and they also said I needed a deep expensive cleaning. I refused and they refused to do a regular cleaning.

They also said I needed well over $5,000 in dental work which I also refused. I went to another dentist and they said I did't need the things Monarch was suggesting, especially the deep root cleaning and 5 root canals.


I went 5-7-10.... they said the same thing to me.

It felt like their newest scam they came up with. I would change dentist but my daughter uses the orthodontist side which I like.

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