I went to Monarch Dental who charged me $454.00 to clean my teeth even though I had dental insurance and have never paid anything close to this from other dentists.When I got the EOB from my DMO, they said I should only have been charged $204.00.

They clearly said that I should not have been billed for anything above this amount. I called and the DMO told me that I had been billed for services which had been included with other charges from Monarch and which had been paid for by the DMO.

I have found over 100 complaints against Monarch on the Internet.Read the numerous posts on this site and deal with them at your own peril.

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yes, they over billed my insurance, on 2 local anesthesia!I only had 1, plus they estimated 1 single crown the same as having 2 done.

UHC says I only am responsible for 83.25 of which I paid, Got in the mail from Monarch I owe them 78.00 more. Nope, they are not getting it.

They overcharge patients who have great benefits and credit cards to offset their loses, I am getting UHC and Aetna to audit all my billings from Monarch in Lewisville, Texas.I paid 1200.00 for a front crown, another private dentist said based on my insurance they charged me personally 3 times the legal limit!


The same overcharging happened to me at the Lake Worth Monarch Dental office. They still owe me a refund of about $400.00 but since this happened last year I don't guess I'll ever get that refund! I don't think they even filed on the insurance since they got so much money from me upfront.


This is funny.A DMO insurance does not pay the offices anything for deep cleanings.

By simply having the DMO you get the benefit of a DISCOUNT.Only PPO insurance plans send checks for payment to offices.

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