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Dr. Gordon botched two root canals. skipped a step and pushed the rubber that goes into the tooth beyond the root. Charged for 5 canals but only presented 3 to my insurance. I also got an outside doctor who said there were only 3 canals in the molar. I went to two different Monarch Dental closer to my home. I asked the doctors how many canals were in the tooth that Gordon said there were 5 canals in. The two Monarch dentists said there were three canals.

The two root canals that Dr. Gordon worked on need to be redone. Monarch dental said they don't pay for any work to be fixed by outside dentists. Since they got a letter from an outside dentist they said they turned the matter over to their attorneys. I have never gotten a call from an attorney.

I guess, since I'm a Mexican. They can do what ever they want.

There are plenty of other doctors out there, use one of them. If you are using the doctors on your insurance list, like I did. Use one that doesn't have charges for every little thing as to bring the fees up. there are some honest companies out there. I just found one when it was too late. And it wasn't Monarch Dental on Preston rd in Frisco.

Monetary Loss: $2800.

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Wow. I wish I'd found this site earlier.

I had a root canal by Dr. Gordon last month and now i'm having problems.

I always had a dentist in private practice but i let my hubby talk me into a DMO to save money. Now the only place i can go tobis Monarch and it sucks!

to Darlene Potomac, Maryland, United States #584312

I am trying to put together a class action law suite against Gordon. would you be interested in joining it.

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