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i went to monarch dentl for a routine checkup....They told me I needed a extreme cleaning....650.00 with insurance...I just wanted a regular teeth ceaning which they said they would not provide...I also grind my teeth alot.and the dentist wanted to fit me with a 300.00 dollar mouthpiece to help stop grinding my teeth...same mouthpiece at any sports store 10.00...I did not get their mouthpiece because of price, but 3 months later I got a letter fom a collection agency because monaech said I owed them for a mouthpiece I never recieved...I had to get a lawyer to fight and win....but monarch still tries to sen me a bill every 2 be careful of what they tell you...they are all money hungry!!!!!!!!!!!

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Monarch marks everything up 100% to try to convince customers with DMO and PPO insurance they are getting a great deal.I was told today that a root canal and crown for a small front tooth that shows no sign of decay on the surface would have cost $3100.

without insurance.

There are so many dentist out there, they are all goughing if you don't have good insurance to supplement there $800,

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