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First, I need to say that Dr. Branca and the other technicians were great.

This review is based on the shady money grabbing office manager who charged/performed treatments I 'specifically' requested not to have done. I made it extremely clear that I only wanted the basic cleaning provided by my insurance company, multiple times, even to the extent that they called my insurance company to verify the charges. I also even video/audio recorded them telling me that the cost was only a $5 copay, plus any additional work I had done (which was wrong). Then, after getting x-rays, having my blood pressure checked, and testing my gum health, I was approached (while lying in the chair) with a piece of paper to sign, saying the cleaning would cost $30 (on top of the $5 copay).

I asked why this was so high, as my insurance papers show $5 copay + $5 cleaning (numbers my wife sent me while I was sitting in the office while looking at the paperwork), and she said she didn't know, but I could either have the cleaning done, and check the receipt later for discrepancies, or not have the cleaning done. So, I signed. When I got the receipt, $25 of the $30 were for non-cleaning charges (a cancer screening, and a Flouride varnish) that I NEVER asked to be given. Again, I was EXTREMELY clear that all I wanted was the basic cleaning provided by my insurance company.

Then, when calling back after looking over the receipt, I asked why they charged me for the extras, especially considering that at the time I specifically asked her why the cost was so much higher than a standard cleaning (which she replied that she didn't know...), and she said "I didn't say the cleaning would cost $30, I said the VISIT would cost $30." - which is an awful, shady way to say "I know you asked for one thing, and we charged you for another, but to be fair, I never said we were charging you for what you asked for..." I honestly don't care very much about $25, it's not a big deal to me. But to others, it might be a big deal. And what is a big deal for everybody is the way this woman twisted her words to validate her reasoning for charging me for additional services. She also said "We don't perform dental work based on your insurance, if you're looking for free dental work, you need to look elsewhere".

To be clear, I am NOT looking for free dental work. I pay for my dental insurance. And whether they perform work based on insurance or not, I made it sufficiently clear that I did not want to pay for additional services other than a basic cleaning, so they apparently also don't perform dental work based on what their customer/patient requests. Disgusting practice.

And I feel bad for others that are forced into treatments they specifically asked to avoid by this shady office manager.

I would rather drive an hour out of my way to not be swindled by a shady company. A shame, too, because I really did like the dental staff.

Product or Service Mentioned: Monarch Dental Dental Cleaning.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I was screwed by the same office manager.


You went to a dental mill instead of finding a dentist in private practice in your area. All of these "extra" procedures/tests like a cancer screening, and a Flouride varnish are just a way for them to make a few extra dollars.

You can either pay the bill and shut up or not pay and file a complaint with your county and state licensing agency.

Do a search for both. And, of course find a good dentist next time.

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