I had a routine visit to the dentist on Jan. 19, 2010 at Monarch dental in Murphy, TX. I thought I was there to get a cleaning and checkup. After my xrays and a periodontal check, they told me I had gum disease and 2 cavities. They then pressured me to sign consent for treatment that would cost me $685.00.

I told them I would check with my previous dentist. My old dentist (who I loved but he is just too far away) explained that I don't have gum disease or cavities. He further explained that if I did have all that Monarch said I did, it would only cost me $161.00 (and he is out of my PPO network).

I am filing a report with the BBB and the State Board.

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Went there after being assigned by insurance. Filthy!!!

One person had their young child with them at work. The child was excluded from daycare due to pink eye!!!

Hard sell on the periodontal disease. $385.00.........no thanks.


Monarch Dental has the WORST Customer service I have ever experinced. Over book themselves then just give angry snears after you are held up for over an hour past your scheduled time and I was On time... Never again !


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BE CAREFUL AT MONARCH DENTAL IN MURPHY......The office managers have no idea what their billing patients. They over charged me and I'm in the process of filing an appeal with AETNA dental.

There's a new office manager named Tina, who I think is a pathological liar. Be careful and make sure you double check with your insurance provider to confirm that they're not over billing you.

Wokingham, England, United Kingdom #117292

have you asked your old dentist why he over looked your perio disease and if he has perio probing on you> chances are he doesnt as most private practices don't. my old denitsit told me i did not have perio disease either and i actually thank monarch for diagnosing my problem as this was linked to my recent heart attack and my cardiolist said monarch actually saves lives in disquise.


I've been through the same Gum Disease treatment from them also. They misfiled with insurance and overbilled me.

They billed me for an overdue amount and my wife looked into it, they ended up owing me money. They sent me an overdue notice saying that I had 10 days to pay.

When I went back to them and straightened it out, they realized they owed me money and told me it would be 6-8 weeks. I definitely won't be back.

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