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I recently went in for some minor pain in my back left tooth. The dentist suggested I get a crown placed on the tooth to address the problem.

When I went in to get my temporary crown...a Trainee was allowed to work on my teeth and given responsiblity for designing, molding, securing and configuring the temporary crown. I've been in more pain for the past three weeks (than before) the point of only eating soup and soft food.

Also, I was charged an additional $300 for a crown that wouldn't show the base...well geuss what....the new crown shows the metal at the bottom of the looks horrible. This has been one nightmare of an event.

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Actuall All crowns wether haveing a tooth colored look to them all have metal on them it is what gives it stregenth so when you *** you are nt cracking the porcelain on your first chomp and at three hundred thats not bad paying for a crown out of pocket klike I had too is costing me 900$


i agree with samantha. because you were numb and cant *** down the way you normally would, sometimes you may be hitting too high on that tooth which send a signal to the nerve and can cause some discomfort.

as i noticed, you didn't complain about the discomfort after it was seated. however, you may want to look into why your crown shows metal if you paid for an upgrade.

I paid $300 extra also and my cornw looks beautiful. maybe there was miscommunication between the front and the back.


Actually an assistant is allowed to make and seat a tempoary. But should have checked to make sure it was seated well.

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