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This is not a good morning for me and would like to share this with your Monarch Dental, Red Oak, TX. I love a beautiful smile the more reason I chose Monarch Dental in having some work done on my front teeth. It all sounded so good, sometimes you don’t know what you’re getting into until it’s done. Believing that your dentist would do quality work that he and I could be proud of, but that was never the case from DAY 1. I don’t know at this time what to say, but disappointed, heartbroken, hurt, angry, set me back in a depressed state mind. My proclaim crown along with it post broke in front of my mouth what a site to look at. How could this happen again? I have a Baby shower to attend today, I CAN’TGO. I have a Family reunion coming up, so how would u feel if you was in my shoes right now? So sad people are in the business to see how much money they can make, they don’t care who they hurt or offend. Did you know the dentist who worked on my mouth at one of your office (Red Oak, TX), almost gave me a nervous breakdown. I ended up in the hospital kidney started shutting down. Yes, KIDNEY FAILURE. I often wondered what would happen the next time, I am hearing impaired and I had my daughter contact Monarch Red Oak on several occasions to let them know the quality of the work was not handled properly, I sent a letter to corporate and only 1 out of the 5 teeth were refunded, Well I was told that the other teeth would be under investigation but no word, since then I have lost 2 more teeth ( which have come out). This is a serious issue for me because my SMILE means everything to me. I’m on a fixed income and I am paying quite a bit of money to have a great SMILE and Monarch Red Oak TX, is taking my money each month and leaving me with a mouth that is only good at Halloween. This is UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!. I’m not going to let Monarch get the best of me this time, I’m going to fight for what’s right, meanwhile, I will go to my room and not come out when people are around.

Again, I’m legally deaf, have high blood pressure, anxiety attacks and now I’m about to scream.

All the money that I am paying each month, for what? To be torture like this is not going to work for me. I can’t leave the house like this. I have been through this before, not going through it again. I want full payment back on all my FIVE teeth that was done with the exception of one, it has already been resolved. This is like a horror movie to me UNREAL. You’re work supposed to represent you, so what is that saying about the dentist that butchered my mouth. He also, filed my bottom teeth down so that the crowns would sit correctly in my mouth, as a result of that he damaged my bottom teeth which are now decaying. I spoke with the office manager Christy and she said she would document that but no word on that either. Although I’m sitting in the room, I have contacted the news media, posted this letter to the social media and will be consulting an attorney until this is resolved.

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